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We will build a society where humans can concentrate only on the areas that humans should focus on
by using artificial intelligence (A.I.) and data analysis
so that everyone can live as human beings with a smile.

(1) Human decision making is a random number with a lot of noise and no reproducibility, and it interferes with machine decision making.

(2) We will research machine learning that can contribute to true fairness and work to contribute to society.

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Research and Product Development

Sales forecast
Improvement and automation in manufacturing
Decision making in clinical trials
Implementation of latest methods

Trainings, Seminars and Lectures

Various seminar and lecture activities
Trainings for in-house data scientists

Writing Books and Series Articles

Various writing activities
dedicated to A.I. and data analysis

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株式会社ARISE analytics





Since 2011, HOXO-M has been acting as a decentralized stand-alone organization consisting of multiple anonymous intellectual members on the cloud. As a result of earning many reputations for A.I. development and data analysis capabilities of individual HOXO-M members, we have decided to reboot our organization as HOXO-M Inc. We will dedicate ourselves to building the future where everyone can live as human beings with a smile.

President & CEO  Koji Makiyama

Our Strength

HOXO-M Inc. is a company that supports all customers who wish to utilize data through state-of-the-art academic research and advanced implementation so that the clients can quickly, accurately and rationally make decisions based on their data. HOXO-M Inc. is composed of members with various backgrounds such as web, marketing, medicine, biotechnology, health care, semiconductor, finance, etc. Therefore we firmly believe that our services will meet the needs of a wide variety of customers.


Company Name HOXO-M Inc.
President & CEO Koji Makiyama
Establishment Nov. 2, 2016